Cherokee Street is no stranger to thrift shops, and this newest addition brings a unique mix of must-haves for your closet & your home. Meet Your Friend’s Apartment, a new vintage store owned by fashion & branding guru Megan McCalla. 

Located at 2617 Cherokee, Your Friend’s Apartment offers expertly-thrifted clothes and accessories, alongside a curated selection of furniture & homegoods. An experienced thrifter and second-hand buyer, McCalla brings her lifetime of experience to finding the best quality and interesting goods for her customers. 

McCalla says the idea for the store emerged from her own friends. After years of people asking her where they could find her clothes and goods, she created a place where they could do just that. “I decided I wanted to create a place where people could come and find the items they constantly asked me about. People can feel like they’re shopping in my apartment, or a friend’s apartment - it’s going to be cozy, specially picked with an eye for design, and the prices are not going to be wildly expensive.”

A Growing 'Vintage Row'

Alongside SoJeff Retro and The Commissary, Your Friend’s Apartment is the latest addition to a growing vintage row developing up and down the street. “Cherokee Street has always been known for its Antique Row shopping, but there’s a new row of new vintage and thrift stores that offer more contemporary thrifted items here now. People can make a whole Saturday of visiting the stores, eat breakfast or lunch, and enjoy the many other businesses here,” said McCalla.

There’s a lot to love about curated thrifting. In addition to being more environmentally-friendly than purchasing new goods, the excitement of having a one-of-a-kind item or piece of clothing and the ease of being able to find something eye-catching quickly makes stores like Your Friend’s Apartment a dream for shoppers. “I do a lot of the work of finding items for the shoppers, so they can just visit and pick out what they like.” 

Joining a Community, not Just a Street

Beyond the excitement of opening her first brick & mortar store, Megan said she’s also excited to join the Cherokee Street business community. “Cherokee Street is actively trying to support small businesses. When I looked at the business districts in St. Louis, none of them met my needs like this place. And the community among business owners, too, that’s special here. While other places seemed to have a corporate mindset, Cherokee offered me assistance and help getting started.”

Your Friend’s Apartment celebrated the store’s grand opening on Saturday, October 2nd. In the weeks before she opened, McCalla noticed a growing interest from window shoppers. “People kept walking by and asking if I was open when I was just setting up the store, so I think that’s a good sign.” 

Planning Your Trip

Since Megan picks every item out in the store herself, she admits she’s a little sad to open the store and have to sell the items she’s found. “I love everything so much, it’s sometimes hard to let it go! It can be like saying goodbye to friends. But, I let them know they are going to a good new home.” 

To find one-of-a-kind vintage goods for yourself, visit Your Friends Apartment. Currently open Saturdays 11pm - 4pm and Sundays 12pm - 4pm. You can follow the latest additions to the store by following Megan on Instagram here.

Photos by Your Friend's Apartment

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