Sleek. Discreet. Luscious. When you enter 13th and Canna, you’ll catch a whiff of luxury—and absolutely nothing else.

After all, that’s the point.

Co-founders Tameca Burnett and Sherrell Hall launched 13th and Canna, their innovative line of odor-eliminating luxury candles, in 2021. While the line was specifically inspired by the need to cover the smell of cannabis, 13th and Canna candles also eliminate unpleasant smells left by cigarettes, cigars, pets, and cooking.

In their place, the candles leave scrumptious scents like lavender, sage, and musk.

The shop celebrated the grand opening of its Cherokee Street store in July 2023. The business was inspired by Hall’s own experience. After turning to cannabis to cope with PTSD, she found herself struggling with eliminating the smell in her home. She mentioned this to friend and business partner Burnett, a self-described a candle lover. From there, 13th and Canna was born; the partners originally operated out of Hall’s downtown loft apartment. 

Unlike competitor candles, 13th and Canna products don’t just eliminate odors; they put out their own luscious and long-lasting smells. That’s just part of what sets their line of candles apart.

“There is a specially formulated molecule that goes inside of our fragrance, and instead of masking the odor, it actually grabs it out of the air,” Hall said. “Competitors just started making scented candles; when you’d light those candles, it would eliminate the odor but leave no refreshing fragrance.”

The candles are luxury, boasting a three-wick for long burning and a richer scent, In addition, 13th and Canna candles burn well, keep a low flame, and come in a reusable jar with fire-proof lids. Users can clean out the jar once they’ve burned the candle, and use it to discreetly hold cannabis paraphernalia and other items.

“We just try to create something that we would want to burn in our own home and is also effective to eliminate those smoke odors,” Burnett said. “We wanted something that looks gorgeous in the home, and I feel like our candles set us apart.”

Also unique to the brand is their name, which Burnett and Hall came up with after copious brainstorming and conversation. The team wanted to nod to cannabis in the name (thus, Canna), and the number thirteen was personally significant to Burnett—her late husband’s birthday is April 13, and he wore the number on all of his sports jerseys throughout his life. 

Burnett and Hall stylized the logo as two street signs—13th and Canna streets—meeting together at an intersection. A physical intersection sign sits in their shop as a reminder of this mindset, and of the name that’s so meaningful to them both.

“We think of it as a meeting place,” Burnett said. “Like an intersection; and it’s the intersection between me and her as well.”

It’s hard not to look at the success of 13th and Canna as a story about entrepreneurship, but also about the power of friendship. 

Burnett and Hall met at Lindenwood University 20 years ago, where they were studying accounting and fashion respectively. They hit it off and have been close since.

“We’ve always been friends, but I think our relationship took a turn when my husband passed away,” Burnett said. “She’s been there ever since. She would take me out to go and have fun. This is my girl, and when I was going through my issues, she was there for me.” 

In addition to spending time together, the two talked about their entrepreneurial spirits. Burnett says Hall is more likely to take a leap, while she prefers a measured approach. 

It’s a winning combo. 

“She was always encouraging me in my other business to just jump out on faith, to get out there and do it or I’d never be successful,” Burnett said of Hall. “I was like, ‘Well, why not do it together?’"

The partnership has resulted in a thriving business, with even more plans to expand on the horizon. 13th and Canna currently features five luxury scents, as well as decor, custom apparel, candle snuffers, and more. Soon to come are room and car sprays, as well as cannabis baking classes hosted in the store. 

“Our product is 100% guaranteed,” Hall said. “We stand by our product. For me, I want us to continue to get more exposure, to do more partnerships with dispensaries; we are even looking to expand and maybe add a different person to our team.” 

No matter the plan, quality will always be at the forefront.

“When we’re producing these different fragrances, it takes us a while to make sure you have a quality product; we don’t want flames going crazy, we want to make sure you’re smelling that fragrance from beginning to end,” Hall said. “We want to make sure there is a good quality product. As well as with our glass vessels, which you can wash out and reuse because it locks and seals the smell of any paraphernalia in; when you’re purchasing a candle from us, you’re purchasing something that you can recycle and reuse.”

Burnett and Hall love the whole line, which they say are designed to be conversation starters, but both have their special favorite scents. For Burnett, it’s Night Cap, which features notes of mahogany and musk—a smell she describes as perfect for someone who wants Idris Elba in their house. For Hall, it’s a new fragrance: Nina Noir, which comes out soon and features white floral, citrus, and herb. 

The Cherokee Street shop has only been open for a few months, but the co-founders already love the neighborhood. Hall even grew up here.

“Small businesses are gravitating toward Cherokee Street,” Burnett said. “The business owners and to support one another because we all have the same goal.”

Hall agreed. “This neighborhood is becoming more diverse, more of a mixture of things, and we want to be a part of it,” she said. 

In addition to the brick and mortar store at 2731 Cherokee, 13th and Canna products can be found at multiple St. Louis area businesses including Swade dispensaries, 314 Garden Supply, Social Treats on Washington Avenue, Elevate Dispensary, and SOHA Smoke Shop.

Stop by the store to find your new favorite scent, chat with the co-founders, and be a part of the future of the women-owned 4/20 industry in St. Louis. 

That future is right at the intersection of 13th and Canna.

13th and Canna is open at 2731 Cherokee. Hours are Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 5 pm. Visit them online at