I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Dasia Vence for an interview on her success in the past year and 5 months with Artist Art on Cherokee Street. Dasia is also a board member of the Cherokee Street Community Improvement District.

Q- "What drove you to open Artist Art?"

A- "A love of coordinating. I have always been a party person. My Grandad really pushed me into making an event space. He told me you always said you wanted to be a wedding planner ever since you were a kid."

Q-"Why did you choose Cherokee Street as your location?"

A- "My Grandfather chose. we knew it was a thriving up and coming business district, and because of the location so close to where I live. So I could work and live in the same space." "The people too were so warm and friendly, before settling on this building, I just hung out in the area. Everyone was so inviting."

Q- "Does Artist Art have more big things happening in the future?"

A- "Yes! I want to have more events that are not just private, but open to the public. I applied for the Façade program last year and was approved to get funding for a new sign, so that is the next step. I also want to finish expanding the upstairs area into more of an intimate setting with a smaller bar. A VIP lounge."

Q- "What is your favorite type of event to do?"

A - "That's hard to say, I love all events. But really, any event is my favorite as long as my clients are smiling."

And that's the truth! Dasia herself and her Grandfather Todd are the more warm and welcoming pair, you can't help but to smile around them.
Don't forget to contact Artist Art for your next event, whether it's a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday or retirement Party, if you can dream it up- Artist Art can make it happen!

By Sarah Naverette