As a result of the 2020 Call for Artists from the Cherokee Street CID Arts Committee, two murals have come to life on the street created by local artists. Looking to get out of the house? Take a walking tour of the public art on Cherokee Street by following along our Cherokee Street Mural Map.

2311 Cherokee — Neeka Allsup

This mural was created on the western wall of Elaine's Sandwich shop in October 2020 by Neeka Allsup (ig: @neekaz). Neeka is an oil painter from Austin Texas, currently residing in the Gravois Park neighborhood.

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"The Endless Possibilites for Flight" by Christopher Burch — 3333 Iowa

 This mural was painted by Christopher Burch (ig: @goya_goon) in November/December 2020. Burch is an artist, events organizer, and educator based in San Francisco and St. Louis, and a member of the Screwed Arts Collective.

”’The Endless Possibilities for Flight’ is a reimagining of the Icarus myth. Taking place after Icarus has fallen from the heavens, crashing back down to earth, their wings no more, just piles of wax. ”Is flight still possible?” the wounded hero asks themselves. At this point, Icarus realizes that their wings aren’t necessary for the trip into the heavens; instead, it’s about being the embodiment of the idea itself that produces flight," said Burch.

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