Amanda Helman and Susan Logsdon — founders of Golden Gems — are no stranger to Cherokee Street. After first visiting the street in 2009 for the annual Print Bazaar, the sisters chose Cherokee & Compton as the perfect place for their first studio & shop for Golden Gems.

So where do the owners of one of St. Louis's best gift shops shop for gifts? Check out their recommendations for where to go on Cherokee to find something for your friends or yourself!

Favorite Place to Find a Gift for Someone:

STL Stylehouse

STL Style House
3159 Cherokee —

Favorite Place to Shop for Yourself

Flowers & Weeds & Diana's Bakery

"Flowers and Weeds or Diana's Bakery - they have the best churros!"

Flowers & Weeds
3201 Cherokee —

Diana's Bakery
2843 Cherokee —

Best Date Night Spot

Casa Loma Ballroom Marquee

"Swing Dancing at Casa Loma Ballroom! It's a fun change of pace to a typical date night!"

Casa Loma Ballroom
3354 Iowa Avenue —

Favorite Event on Cherokee

Print Bazaar on Cherokee

"The Cherokee St. Print Bazaar! It's a great time to check out local businesses you may not have been to while also getting to shop local vendors popped up inside each space, and it's great for holiday gifts!"

Print Bazaar on Cherokee
First Saturday of December, 11AM - 6PM —

Your Perfect Day of Food on Cherokee

The Mud House, La Vallesana & Yaqui's on Cherokee

"Breakfast would be the quiche of the day at Mud House, lunch at La Vallesana (you can't go wrong with anything on the menu) and dinner and drinks would be Monday nights at Yaquis for the Fresh Mediterranean pizza and half price wine!

The Mud House
2101 Cherokee —

La Vallesana
2810 Cherokee —

Yaqui's on Cherokee
2728 Cherokee —

Featured Photos by Nate Burrell, Phillip Hamer, Virginia Harold, RJ Hartbeck, Bailey Rogers & Cherokee Street Business