ButtonMakers.net is proud to announce its 20th year of business, January 15, serving the button-making needs of thousands of happy customers since the company’s inception in 2001.

ButtonMakers.net is a woman-owned and union business located on Cherokee Street in South Saint Louis, serving the St. Louis area and nationally online. From fundraisers to takeaways, conventions, schools, and corporate events, ButtonMakers.net continues its tradition of creating the perfect buttons to meet the unique needs of all its customers.

Rebecca Bolte, owner of ButtonMakers.net, known affectionately by her friends, co-workers and customers as Becky Buttons, said making buttons is her passion, and she’s proud to have been making exclusive and special buttons for her customers for two decades running.

“I love what I do because I am helping people make their ideas real in the world,” said Bolte, who got idea for ButtonMakers.net in 2001 when she was doing screen printing and CD duplication for her friend’s record label. “They asked me if I could make buttons, and I quickly learned there was no online button making company out there at all. So, I searched the patent office to find a button machine manufacturer, and I was able to get ahold of a button making machine and supplies and finally make the buttons. It was then I thought that since there were no websites retailing button machines, I should start one,” she said.

Her business started off with a small section of machines and supplies on her then punk rock merch website. Everything sold out quickly, so Bolte decided to launch ButtonMakers.net with custom buttons, button machines, and supplies becoming the primary focus of the site.

“We have worked with schools, churches, non-profits, and political campaigns. We worked with local activists on the Obama campaign, and in 2012 we were hired to work the Democratic National Convention. We made 10,000+ buttons for convention goers in one day!” she said.

Bolte faced numerous challenges throughout the years while keeping her company alive, from learning how to run a company as a first-time business owner, to cheap competition from abroad. “As a small business owner running an e-commerce site, I had to learn to do everything myself. So much programming, and marketing, and all the things that go with running a business,” she said. “We also rarely had a budget to hire help. At one point, internet technology started changing and our domain authority started dropping. We were so busy running the day-to-day to keep up when new competitors came on the scene."

Much of that competition came from a flood of imitation button makers based out of China. “They were priced lower than anything we could compete with!” Bolte said. “But as with most bootleg products, the quality of the knock offs isn’t as good as the real thing. Our products are unique and of the highest quality.”

Along with an unmatched standard of quality button products, ButtonMakers.net, is a company focused on its customers, employees, and its community. A combination that would be very hard for any knock-off button maker company compete with.

“We built our company on a strong foundation of customer service, workplace ethics, and community engagement,” said Bolte. “We host button making parties for organizations and campaigns we believe in, work with area youth programs, and are union members of Communication Workers of America Local 6300. We take excellent care of our customers and stand behind our products.”

As a way for Bolte to share her passion of button making with others, ButtonMakers.net, continues to offer high quality button making equipment for customers to make their own unique button creations, including button machines, all-in-one kits, paper cutters, button supplies, magnets, and parts.

The company is the exclusive supplier of the MultiMaker 4000, the only multi-size button machine available on the market that is fully compatible with all U.S. standard buttons. It can also make magnets, key chains, mirrors, and more.

“Whether it’s a teacher engaging their students in their classroom with a hands-on, DIY button making project, or parents and their children spending quality time together making photo buttons of their favorite movie characters, button making is engaging, affordable and so much fun,” said Bolte. “Buttons are the perfect way to make your message, and when you have your own button making machine, the possibilities are endless. People use buttons for awareness campaigns, activism, and social

Regardless of the challenges over the past two decades, and recently with the COVID-19 pandemic, the company ButtonMakers.net, like the buttons it creates, has stuck around to assist you with all of your button-making needs and help communicate your message. “Whether you choose us to
make your buttons for you or DIY your own buttons, we are here for you!” said Bolte.

Visit www.buttonmakers.net or call (314) 329-7088 for more information and to learn how Becky Buttons can help you build your very own unique and exclusive button creations.